Lindsay Levin, a.k.a. "Miss Lindsay"

Lindsay Levin, M.A., is a fun-loving, energetic singer and educator with a passion for early childhood music education, an unabashed LOVE for babies and
children, and a deep respect for parents and caregivers!

Lindsay believes strongly in the Kindermusik curriculum and our parent organization,
Kindermusik International, which continually impresses her with its
commitment to putting parents and children first and treating all parents, children, caregivers, and educators with integrity and respect. Lindsay served as
President of the California Kindermusik Educators' Association from 2005-2007 and California State Representative for the Partnership of Kindermusik Educators
in 2008. Lindsay was honored to host the San Francisco Kindermusik Professional Development Conference in August, 2010. The event attracted an
international crowd of highly committed Kindermusik educators and received rave reviews from those in attendance, including
Miss Shannon, Miss Paige, and
Miss Aubrey! For more information about "Miss" Lindsay and her love for all things Kindermusik, check out pages 18-21 of
this Danville Weekly article.

Education & Musical Background
"Miss" Lindsay performed in musicals beginning at the age of ten (age 4, if you count singing "High Hopes" in front of an audience at a resort in Michigan) and
graduated from
Northgate High School at the top of her class. She then studied Vocal Performance at Northwestern University's renowned School of Music and
cum laude with a degree in Education. Lindsay completed her Master's degree in Education in 2005. She is proud to continue her Kindermusik
education by attending and speaking at Kindermusik training events on a regular basis and feels very fortunate to have attracted a staff that is equally committed
to professional development.

Over the years, Lindsay maintained an active connection to the world of the performing arts by participating in live theatre. In 2007, she held featured roles in
three award-nominated productions: the farce "Drop Dead!" with
Antioch Rivertown Theatre (nominated for several Shellie Awards), "The Music Man" with Diablo
Light Opera Company (nominated for several Shellies and the Bay Area Critics Circle Awards "Best Production - Musical" & "Best Ensemble - Musical"), and the
Sondheim masterpiece "Into the Woods" with
CTA Crossroads Theatre (nominated in every category of the Bay Area Critics Circle Awards!) Lindsay is proud to
have worked and studied with Bay Area musical theatre legends Claire Yarrington, Jeffrey Bihr, Barrett Lindsay- Steiner, and Paul Plain as well as Broadway
Jodie Langel, Broadway Music Director Kim Steiner, and world-renowned musical director Michael Lavine. Lindsay has also studied voice, ballet,
jazz, tap, and acting at
California Theatre Arts in Walnut Creek.

Teaching Background
Lindsay has taught music, drama, reading, math, and literature to students newborn - 85 years of age. Her first teaching job involved producing musical variety
shows at a camp for senior citizens. She then went on to run a childcare center for the YMCA, tutor students at her synagogue in tefillot (prayers, usually sung)
and trope (the Torah's musical notation system), and student-taught 9th, 11th, and 12th grade English during her California State Teacher Credential Program.
Finally, for the past seven years, Lindsay has been teaching high-quality, developmentally-appropriate music classes to children and their families throughout
the Bay Area. She looks forward to meeting YOU and your little one soon!
"I want to let you know how much Roxy and Grandma Carolyn are enjoying and benefiting from
Kindermusik. I can see Roxy developing in many exciting ways. She LOVES the CD and the book. In
fact, she demands to read The Rhythm of My Day about 15 times a day. She sways, twirls, bounces,
and claps regularly to music, and a new development is that she sings notes and waits for us to
mimic her, instead of us singing first and her matching our pitch. She's taking the lead! I worked on
minor thirds with her last week and will dance with her to syncopated rhythms this week. This has
also been a bonding experience for Roxy and Grandma. Thanks for the class and the emails!"
- Village parent (Walnut Creek)

"Miss Lindsay is truly wonderful!! She loves each and every child/baby and delights in seeing them
interact with music."
- Village parent  

"Miss Lindsay was the best part of the class! She engages the children and makes it so fun for the kids
and parents."
- Our Time parent

"Miss Lindsay is more than a music teacher...She is an important part of the lives of the children she
teaches. She brings such a passion to teaching - the kids feel it and light up around her."
- Imagine That! parent
(San Ramon)

"Miss Lindsay sounds like a Disney Princess!" - Young Child parent (Martinez)

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