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About Us:  An Overview
music, movement, drama, and speech. Each instructor at Kindermusik with Miss Lindsay and Friends is dedicated to helping you, the parent, guide your
Music is more than just notes on a page or a song that you sing. Music education can have a strong impact on the way a child learns. Scientific studies
have shown that when a child plays a musical instrument (regardless of their skill level) they significantly enhance the brain stem's sensitivity to speech
sounds. It has also been found when toddlers or preschoolers take music lessons, they demonstrate different levels of brain development and improved
memory skills over young children who did not have a music education.   

Feel the Music:  Our Child-Centered Approach
The teaching staff at Kindermusik with Miss Lindsay and Friends will engage you and your child in a musical journey with each and every class. Our
classes encourage children to explore music through various sights, sounds, and movements. Our approach to music education is based on the works
of Orff, Kodaly, Montessori, and Suzuki who each support the idea of a “child-centered” way of learning. The classroom experience mimics that of your
child’s world of play. We break each activity down to its most basic form and build from there. We believe that parents are an integral part of education
and actively encourage you to become involved in the process through participating in and supporting your child’s efforts.  Together we will beat drums,
sing songs, dance, and become the music.

Education and Training
We offer the full range of classes to provide your child with the best possible musical education in Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Danville, San Ramon,
Dublin, and Pleasanton
. Our instructors have each completed a rigorous certification process which includes both music education and child
development instruction. Kindermusik teaching certification also includes a mentoring component which provides continuous learning opportunities for
instructors to ensure that our students receive the best music education possible.

In addition to Kindermusik certification, our instructors each bring their own unique educational and musical background to the program.

Our Teachers
Miss Lindsay, who teaches at our Walnut Creek, San Ramon, and Dublin locations, earned a Master of Education degree and has been singing in
front of audiences since she was 4 years old. She has performed in numerous productions throughout the Bay Area and has an impressive resume
which includes teaching various subjects, in addition to music, to people of all ages.
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Miss Kat, who teaches at our Danville, San Ramon, Dublin and Pleasanton locations, has been a life-long student of music. Her education includes
voice and piano lessons. She has participated in musical theater for many years, as well as choir. Miss Kat’s work experience includes serving as a
nanny as well as a preschool teacher.
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Miss Paige, who teaches at our Danville and Lafayette locations, has been providing music education for children of all ages, from infants to
preschoolers and young children, for over 16 years. She has four young children of her own and enjoys leading Kindermusik classes for all age ranges.
Read more about Miss Paige, Danville native and energetic instructor.