Tips for Making the Most
of Class Time

If you can, plan to arrive
3-5 minutes early
Arriving a little early provides time for your child
to settle in to the musical environment, and for
you to connect with other parents and

Dress comfortably!
You'll have so much more fun if you do! For
your child, barefoot is best, because children
learn through touch, and they have TONS of
touch receptors in their feeet. For adults, it's
best to wear or bring socks.

Follow the child...
The best thing you can do during class is to
focus on engaging with your child, and many
times your child's favorite way to experience the
activity may be different from what the other
kids are doing. It's all okay! We'll show you how
to continue engaging with your child no matter
what s/he is doing. "Follow the child" simply
means letting your little one show you how
s/he would most like to participate, and then
finding a way to
play with him or her.

Make every day a Kindermusik day!
You and your child will benefit enormously from
the Kindermusik experience, especially if you
make active use of your Home Materials. We
know that while music classes like
Kindermusik can be exciting and fun in and of
themselves, the real benefits occur when the
activities from class become meaningfully
applied to your child's life at home and on the
go with you. You'll get extra value out of your
classes if you and your child get to celebrate
your learning not only in class, but also during
your daily lives together.

See you in class!
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Spring 2014 Schedule
Danville & Walnut Creek classes begin the week of 3/18. Dublin classes begin the week of 3/31. Lafayette classes begin 4/7.
San Ramon classes begin 4/10 and 4/11.
Click any class below to register and/or to view full details including start and end dates & exact locations.
If you need assistance, simply
email us or call us at (925) 866-8055. We are here to help!

PLEASE NOTE: The information below is subject to change and was last updated on 3/12/14.
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0-17 months
Wiggle & Grow:
"Down on the Ground"
"In My Garden"
1.5 - 3.5 years
Imagine That!
See What I

3-5 years
Wiggle & Grow for

0-4 yrs mixed
Kindermusik for the
Young Child @
Crosswinds Church

5-7 years
Community Center
Miss Lindsay (Mondays)
Miss Kat (Tues. & Sat.)
Mon. 11:00am

Tue. 9:30am
Mon. 10:00am FULL
Try one of our family
classes instead!
Mon. 1:30pm
(starts 4/7)

Tue. 11:30am
Mon. 12:00pm

Tue. 10:30am

Sat. 9:15am

Sat. 10:15am
Tue. 4pm (Levels 1&2)
Tue. 5pm (Levels 3&4)
Email Miss Lindsay to
pre-register for Fall
2014 classes
SAN RAMON: Community
Center near the Market Place
Miss Lindsay (Fridays)
Miss Kat (Thursdays)
Fri. 9:30am
Thurs. 10:30am

Fri. 10:30am FULL
Thurs. 9:30am

Fri. 3:30pm
Fri. 11:30am
Miss Paige
Wed. 9am
Wed. 10am
Wed. 11am
Dance Fusion
Miss Lindsay
Tues. 1pm
Wed. 10:15am FULL
Thu. 10:15am

Ages 12-24 months:
Sing & Play
Wed. 9:15am
(2 spots)

Thu. 9:15am
(2 spots)
Let Miss Lindsay
know if you need a
family class!
Parks & Rec
Miss Kat
Mon. 10:15am
Mon. 11:15am