At Kindermusik with Miss Lindsay & Friends, you and your child can look
forward to building new friendships, memories, and a musical foundation to
last a lifetime. We'll help your child learn and grow through activities that
boost brain development, enhance social and emotional development, build
motor skills, and so much more. Our certified, licensed Kindermusik educators
seamlessly guide each class from activity to activity and help you understand
what your child is learning. We'll also show you how to continue the fun and
the learning at home and on the go!

newborn to 18 months Village: The Rhythm of My Day

This January, celebrate your love for your child in a musical way! In this baby
music class, we'll learn new activities to help you make each aspect of your
day more musical, complementing the natural rhythm of your child's day with
wake-up songs, diaper-changing songs, fun dances, soothing lullabies, and
more. Your materials include all the songs from class as well as the fabulous
book "The Rhythm of My Day," which will help your child develop rhythm while
reminding your baby of the wonderfully comforting rituals each new day

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18 months to 3 years Wiggle & Grow

Your toddler is a bundle of curiosity, whether he's the type of child who peeks
out from behind you to carefully watch what's going on, or whether she's a
hands-on learner who throws herself into every learning situation with gusto!
We'll foster your little one's budding musicality, self-confidence, creativity, and
self-control in a safe environment where your little one—and you—can sing,
play instruments, move, and explore together. Toddler music classes have
never been so much fun!

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3 to 5 years Imagine That! - Hello Weather...Let's Play Together!

Imagine That offers a bit more structure as we ease your child from the
kangaroo-and-joey relationship explored in Wiggle & Grow to more
independent learning. We'll foster your little one's growing independence and
social skills and tap into that boundless energy and creativity as we guide
your preschooler through musical stories and activities filled with imagination.

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5 to 7 years Kindermusik for the Young Child

This small, pressure-free class is the perfect introduction to music for the child
almost ready for formal music lessons (but not quite!). Your little one
will enjoy playing musical games, learning basic musical concepts, playing
more advanced instruments, moving creatively, exploring musical cultures
around the world, and discovering composers. We cover child-friendly
versions of keyboard (the glockenspiel), string (the dulcimer), and woodwind
instruments (the recorder), helping your child get ready for piano lessons or
other music lessons later on. We'll also meet the musical staff, learn to read  
notes and rhythms, discover Mozart, Beethoven, and other great composers,
and explore opera, ballet, and modern dance.

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summer camps (all ages) Adventures

It may be cold outside now, but when summer comes, we'll be ready! Our
summer classes feature music, stories and adventures in shorter summer
sessions (so you can take that epic family trip to Hawaii and still keep your
child's music education rolling!)
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