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Top 5 Ways to Survive the Lockdown with Music

Music's capacity for healing is a well-known phenomenon. From drum circles to shamanic singing to music therapy, to the mother who gently sings a favorite lullaby that has been passed down for generations, to the family that rocks out together in the living room as a way to shake off stress, we can each intuit and witness the power of music for ourselves. Here are five ways I have been using music, and have seen others using music, to get through the pandemic:

  1. Stream new, family-friendly musicals online. From Frozen 2 to Mira, Royal Detective, to Jingle Jangle, children and families have found an escape from daily stress into other worlds filled with music and magic.

2. Blast heavy metal music while your tutu-clad child rocks out to the Trolls' cover of Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train", wailing on beanbag chairs and couches.

3. Play ambient music while defrosting in a hot, candlelit bubble bath.

4. Perform your favorite songs for your friends through video, like this angelic-voiced, future Broadway star:

5. Bring your child to a live, online, interactive Kindermusik class! Whether you're snuggling to "This Little Light of Mine" in our winter playdate, celebrating your child's birthday with a safe, fun party that everyone can attend (with no masks, because this is one virus you can't catch online!), or signing on once a week to de-stress and share musical joy with your child, virtual Kindermusik classes are a GREAT way to build joy and resilience during the pandemic.

So, which of these five strategies do you like the best? Do you have other musical ideas to share? Comment below, and let me know your thoughts!

Kindermusik is the world's leading provider of live and in-person music classes that develop the whole child through music. To find a class taught by the author of this article, please visit To search for classes worldwide, check out


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